Recent Work

The Hapticality Project

A Minor Archival Collection on Queer Temporalities and Interpersonal Life

“It’s a feeling, if you ride with it, that produces a certain distance from the settled, from those who determine themselves in space and time, who locate themselves in a determined history. To have been shipped is to have been moved by others, with others. It is to feel at home with the homeless, at ease with the fugitive, at peace with the pursued, at rest with the ones who consent not to be one […] Hapticality, the touch of the undercommons, the interiority of sentiment, the feel that what is to come is here. Hapticality, the capacity to feel though others, for others to feel through you, for you to feel them feeling you, this feel of the shipped is not regulated, at least not successfully, by a state, a religion, a people, an empire, a piece of land, a totem.” – Fred Moten and Stefano Harney on Hapticality in The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning and Black Study

“The Hapticality Project is a archive that chronicles me and my friends’ relationships to each other, ourselves, and the spaces we inhabit as queer, trans, disabled, and POC individuals. The Undercommons is focused on love and care in the midst of a world violent towards marginalized communities, and The Hapticality project realizes that care and love in a micro-political way, showcasing what it means to live authentically and fully as queer people, transcending the ideals of civil society and what are considered ‘civil’ ways of experiencing time and relationships. To be queer is to defy what is considered normal by any means, and this project leans deep into that queerness.” – Tech

i am not your daughter (nor am i your son) series, digital, 11/23/22